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Belated Launch of Blog - Better Late than Never

The shoemaker never has time to make shoes for his kids because his business is thriving, or at least that's how to spin a negative into a positive. At long last I am pausing briefly to launch a new website and blog.  It is overdue because I've been busy working for clients who needed new content for blogs and custom websites.

It's an ironic discovery to see an error message that your own website link has been broken and the content forever wiped away into the abyss of recycled code. This does tend to expedite the importance of finishing the other website that has been sitting for eighteen (18) months - on the back burner.  Spare time? Who has this and how can they give a little to the shoemakers of the world?
Thankfully, along the way of serving clients I've met people who specialize in various areas of technical design that torture my creative brain cells into a coma.  So, it is with great pleasure the blog and website now exist and are properly connected with high …