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"Let's All Scream For Red Bean Ice Cream"

Black Ship Little Katana - Red Bean Ice Cream
Korean food is a mysterious category often confused, cautiously explored, and not surprisingly unforgettable.  Last night I drive downtown and became a first time voyager inside the Black Ship Little Katana.  Naturally I brought a close friend who previously lived in Korea so that the experience could be narrated by an expert, and more fun for us both. 

The restaurant is spacious with iron Edison light fixtures and an open view from the patio beyond the bar, dining room and all the way to the outside covered patio.  This would be an ideal venue for holiday parties or events because the Omni offers curbside valet and the location is easily accessible.  

As an appetizer they offer a Wagyu Hot Rock with thinly sliced Wagyu beef at very reasonable $10 per oz with a two ounce minimum.  The stones are heated in an oven at 400 degrees, quick flashed over an open flame, coated in olive oil, and served in bowl over a mountain of rock salt and peppercorns.
Using chopsticks you gently place the meat on the stone and it sizzles into a perfect medium rare bite within 20 seconds.  I captured a cool video of this with my DXOOne camera and posted to Wagyu Sizzles Video because no matter our age, we are never too old to play with our food!  

The Hot Stone Bowl with rice, fresh vegetables, an organic sunny-side-up egg, chicken and Korean chili sauce is remnant of southern comfort food.  It is served with a wooden spoon and you stir the ingredients at your table and share family style (or not). 

Waves of colorful, profoundly delicious smelling dishes continued to descend for two hours. Chef Richard Morotto made rounds, and gave detailed description of the main dish to be served.  It included Wagyu tenderloin with wasabi mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus, along with the Orange Ginger Salmon served with spinach and white rice.  
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Mochi Ice Cream is traditionally Japanese and coated with a sticky rice paste that has a bread-like taste and ice cream filling.  The texture is unique (and too odd for my preference) so I asked my friend about the "Red Bean" ice cream that was listed on the menu.  The Korean name for the Azuki Bean is pat (hangul), and in Vietnamese it literally means "red bean."  Traditionally the beans are sweetened by being boiled in sugar prior to using in a dessert or pastry recipe.  Thankfully the waitress quickly returned with a large bowl containing three scoops, instead of the sample size I requested.  Best. Ice Cream. Ever. 

More pics are posted and tagged on The League Lady Instagram page!  Speical thanks to Martha Tiller for the gracious invitation to attend the opening of the new downtown location of Black Ship Little Katana.  

Red Bean Ice Cream Recipes:

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